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There seems to be an ever-increasing interest in Middle Eastern dance lately as people become more health conscious. It is a wonderful way to keep fit while having fun (and lots of it!). This is a dance for women of all ages, shapes and sizes – it makes you feel so feminine and strong. The benefits of Middle Eastern dance are increased muscle tone, improved co-ordination, greater self-esteem, and good social contact. There are many more that I could add to this list. To find out more please feel free to browse.

I first showed an interest in the Bellydance when I was six years old. I saw a beautiful dancer on the television undulating her stomach and I was captivated. My sister and I would dress up in whatever mum could find us to wear and we would mimic the dancer. I have always loved this form of dance. It must be my gypsy roots! I have moved on since then and learnt Egyptian and Turkish dancing using props such as a veil, stick, zills (finger cymbals),Isis wings, sword, double sword, and dancing on glasses. I have received dance tuition in Turkey, Egypt and England from many top dancers, including Khaled Mahmoud, Magdy el Leisy, Heather Burby, Maria D’Silva, Helene Erickson, Hossam and Serena Ramzy, Keti Sharif (A-Z Advanced). And Tribal Tuition by Sharon Khiara, Wendy Marlatt, Kami Liddle, and Paulette Rees Denis(Gypsy Caravan). On my last trip to Turkey I attended a workshop taught by a “zener” (a male bellydancer) – he was incredible. As I love visiting Turkey so much I have started learning the language.

I have completed Keti Sharif’s A-Z Original and Keti’s Pulse 8 Earth,Fire,Water Bellydance Programmes. On a rescent visit to Egypt with Kay Taylor I saw some amazing dancers and managed to have a lesson with Yasmina of Cairo. I have performed with other dancers on English and Turkish T.V., and taken part in the festival of dance, Sky 1’s TV Show Got to Dance, as well as in carnivals, fetes, celebrations and weddings, including:

Chamber of Commerce Awards Ceremony, Isle of Wight
Bar Three Club, Mayfair, London
“Strictly Dance” weekend, Chichester
Hen parties at Down Hall Hotel, Hatfield, Herts.
Turkish Wedding at Tewinbury Farm, Welwyn, Herts.
Arabian Nights Hafla,(Kaz) Hertfordshire.
Sky TV’s Got To Dance.
British Pole Dance Championships.
Hossam and Serena Ramzy’s Essex Show.
Greek Nights.
Nafoura Showcase London.
Turkish and Egyptian Restaurants.

I am also a fully qualified Zumba Teacher.

I am available for bookings and Private Tuition. You can contact me on (07729) 803783 or email me at info@denizbellydancer.co.uk or by completing the form on my Contact Me page.