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I am a certified Pulse8 Elements Instructor.

I instruct three fun, NEW 45 minute bellydance-based dance/fitness programs – Fire, Earth and Water.

Spicy Latin-Belly dance fusion, with Salsa and merengue.
Fitness benefits: Energizing cardio workout, low impact.

Celebrating festive Egyptian folkloric dance, grounded and strong.
Fitness benefits: Cardio workout, improves co-ordination, grounding.

Blend of Yoga and Belly dance in a sensual flowing workout.
Fitness benefits: Improves flexibility, toning, balancing, relaxing.

The programs are easy to learn and great for women of all ages and levels of fitness. They offer an alternative to regular aerobics classes or the gym. These programs increase fitness and flexibility, and are very enjoyable.

If you have any questions, contact me by phone 07729 803 783 or email denizbellydancer@homecall.co.uk.

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